Campaign Finance Reform

Wisconsin has a litany of laws that limit lobbyist hours and time in the capital building, but has little to say about what goes on during election season. Simply put, corruption is legal in the state of Wisconsin.  I will fight to introduce anti-corruption legislation that ends lobbyist influence over our legislators and candidates in order to provide all Wisconsinites with a government that acts solely with its constituents in mind.  I aim to do this by introducing the American Anti-Corruption Act as seen on

Marijuana Prohibition

I will fight to decriminalize marijuana and make it available to be used as a medical treatment and for private use.  I believe we can do this responsibly via industry regulations similar to the regulations imposed on the alcohol industry and by restricting usage to persons over the age of 21.  By not frivolously wasting money fighting to keep marijuana outlawed, we will free up funding for compassionate treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.


As someone living with a bleeding disorder, I have experienced my fair share of insurance and healthcare nightmares.  As the healthcare debate continues on a national scale, I will fight to ensure that patients in Wisconsin have access to affordable insurance that offers essential coverage and preventative care.  Additionally, I will advocate for common sense regulations that ensure the basic consumer protections found in the Affordable Care Act.  Protections like the elimination of lifetime caps and not allowing companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions increased the quality of life for many individuals with chronic illnesses and I will fight to keep them in place.

Incarceration/Prison Reform

Wisconsin has a massive problem with abusing incarceration and locking people away, sometimes without even committing crimes.  It's a blight on our state and costs taxpayers around $1.2 billion per year.  As your state senator, I will work with advocacy groups and communities to fix problems like crimeless revocation, our broken parole system and overcrowding.

Gun Control

It's a fact that we have a constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms, but we should understand and respect that these items are weapons, not tools.  If our military and police are required to go through training and background checks, I believe private citizens should do the same.

Social Welfare

I want to revitalize our forgotten communities in meaningful ways.  I want to fight crime by helping to strengthen families, I want to fight drug addiction through compassion, and I want to fight poverty through vocational training and apprenticeships.  Additionally, I want to explore developing working relationships  with non-profits that fight these problems in more personal ways.